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Marine Surveyors

This list of Marine Surveyors are all certified by either the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) or the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS).


DAVID McCLAY                                                                     BRIAN WILLIAMS

QBC Marine Services                                                             Williams Marine Services

631-757-9415                                                                         631-873-6800                                                


CAPT. JOHN LOWE                                                                CAPT. RAY CLIFFORD

Lowes Marine Survey

631-462-2624                                                                            914-419-7926                                                          


KEVIN McGOLDRICK                                                            STEPHEN MADDOCK

McGoldrick Marine Surveying, LLC                                        Maddock Marine Services

631-661-2527                                                                          631-728-7970                                   


PETER BARTH                                                                       JEFF LAUFER

Small Boat Marine Service                                                      Delta Marine Service

631-278-4223                                                                          631-721-3537                                                


Marine Insurance

This list of marine insurance agencies specialize in marine/vessel insurance.

ALAN R. MOTT INSURANCE AGENCY                                 JH RYAN AGENCY

Tom Mott                                                                                  George Ryan

631-549-2628                                                                           516-781-5607                                                          

TRITON INSURANCE                                                             TOTAL DOLLAR MARINE INSURANCE

Bob Peck                                                                                 Tom Carroll

401-619-5500                                                                           516-833-1555